Explorer Fun Run

AHES PTA is proud to once again bring back our Explorer Fun Run powered by Boosterthon for the fourth consecutive year. We understand both the importance of raising funds via your generous donations, as well as maintaining a balance regarding the way we approach fundraising. AHES PTA understands that many of our families have children in more than one school, as well as in activities and other organizations also needing time and funding. For this reason, we have made a point in the past three years to have our Fun Run be the main event to bring in what is needed for the various events, programs, and student support. We currently have the largest funding of student support in the district, having given an average of $20 per student since the 2015 school year.(average district wide is $5-$7 per student.) We have been able to start a Watch DOGS program, and offer several family friendly events free of charge; as well as fill needs for the classrooms, field trips and small site improvements to benefit the students throughout the course of the school year.
In addition, we have continued to contribute to art education via Meet the Masters, enrich writing skills with Imagination Machine, and encourage reading with our Scholastic Book Fairs.
Our goal for this year is to add a few more events, expand our Explorer after-school program to have 10-12 classes, and maintain our aim to provide the same or greater amount in student support. We are so very grateful for your continued support of our Fun Run, and as a result; the students that are part of the Explorer community at AHES!